About Our Mothers – May 8th Writing Event


Writing Workshop: 2 ½ Hour online Zoom writing workshop

Begins: May 8th, Friday 4 p.m. Pacific / 7 p.m. EST

Signups: by May 7th, midnight

hosted by Laura Lentz

Read your stories back to a small group of writers in a Breakout room with a trained writing workshop facilitator.

Laura Lentz is one of the facilitators.

Writers will:

  • Explore what other authors, poets and essayists have written about their mothers for inspiration.
  • Write two times – 2-minute writing warmups & 13-minute longer write
  • Read your stories back in a group of ten writers with a trained facilitators (authors, pastors, poets).
  • Honor your mother & your relationship with her – be open to their truths, fears and hopes for you and yours for her.
  • Explore the Hawaiian culture of forgiveness, Ho’oponopono, forgiving our mothers, forgiving ourselves.


For more information call 310-613-6798, or email Laurawriter@me.com. You will be receiving a confirmation from Laurawriter@me.com.  Please White List this email so confirmations and instructions on the call don’t go to Junk Email.  THANK YOU!







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