Writing is not a solitary act.

Write inside a community.

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“Let your memory break open.”
– Joy Harjo

The longer I live, the more deeply I learn that love — whether we call it friendship or family or romance — is the work of mirroring and magnifying each other’s light. Gentle work. Steadfast work. Life-saving work in those moments when life and shame and sorrow occlude our own light from our view, but there is still a clear-eyed loving person to beam it back. In our best moments, we are that person for another.  

– James Baldwin

“Writing is finding the courage to discover and embrace our truth, and then become the master of that truth..”
– Laura Lentz

Laura’s Popular 12-week


Venture into the Hero’s Journey
to create an extraordinary story

Laura Lentz’s popular and intensive 12 week writing WORKshop is now available as 12 self-paced STORYlabs for you to experience first-hand how the Hero’s Quest will make YOUR STORY even more compelling and remarkable.


LAURA LENTZ is an internationally respected author, creative coach and writing teacher. Laura has been teaching themed writing workshops for over ten years for writers, authors and business owners. Her popular twelve-week workshop, STORYquest was inspired by her ten years of teaching and developmental editing. Through STORYquest, Laura distills the Hero’s Journey to guide us to bring our own transformative stories to life on the page.

Laura is the co-founder of Literati Academy and the STORYquest community. She has worked with thousands of storytellers and writers. Her 6-week themed online workshops occur throughout the year and are designed to help students create content through inspiration and timed writing prompts, while learning the craft of writing.  Workshops include Sex on the Page, The Geography of You, The Poetry Room and Words in Progress. Online groups include small intimate private online discussions with award winning guest authors, poets and educators.

Laura is on the faculty of the Kauai Writers Conference.   The classes are online and weekly in her living room on Kauai – also available as a master class retreat at the 2019 Kauai Writers Conference.


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“You will write if you will write without thinking of the result in terms or a result,  but instead think of the writing in terms of discovery, which is to say that creation must take place between the pen and the paper, not before in a thought or afterwards in a recasting.  

It will come if it is there and if you will let it come, and if you have anything, you will get a sudden creative recognition. The great thing is not to ever think about form but let it come. Does that sound strange from me?  They have accused me of thinking about nothing else.  Do you see the real joke?  It is the critics who have really thought about form always, and I have thought about – writing!

– Gertrude Stein