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This Issue: The Universe & You


the stories

already inside of you

drill down

into the deepest
part of yourself

discover who you are

with other writers
who are digging

deeply connect

and share with other writers

find your truth

underneath the layers

writing is


what is already inside you hosts a group of extraordinary writers creating together — using poetry, literature and art as inspiration to drop into story.  We create together in small online groups, on the north shore of Kauai and in our private sharing groups. After we create, we stand in our talent by showcasing our work in our online magazine and spoken word shows. Perhaps you are an author working on a second or third book, or you are just now returning to the voice inside of you telling you it’s time to begin to write.
I invite you to join us in creative surrender. believes in syncreation

— the act of writers creating together, in sync with each other’s energy. 

Writing is finding the courage to discover and embrace our truth, and then become the master of that truth.

— Laura Lentz

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Sometimes when I wander into the past, I am a child again, watching my mother typing on her large IBM Selectric, a burning pall mall cigarette mixing with the smell of carbon paper and white out. The rhythmic slam of the large carriage return on her all all-night writing marathons punctuated my childhood dreams, leading me to my future.


I witnessed my mother interview, read and publish. I ran to the mailbox on mornings with my brothers to see if her story made the front page bi-line. I inherited her habit and passion for reading books, preferring true stories to fiction.


Years passed and I swam toward my future, several times redirecting my career, and yet all currents led me to this place I am now  –  to a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, working with writers all over the world.


I spent over twenty years in publishing and later as president and CEO of my own marketing company. I am an author, a writer and a developmental editor. But most of all, I am a shepherd for so many writers to bring their words out into the world – a writing teacher who brings science, philosophy, nature, mythology, sexuality and poetry as inspiration to create your own groundbreaking work.


My writing groups are filled with scientists, authors, screenwriters, actors, poets, ship builders, journalists and chefs – all teaching each other each week by taking risks they never thought they would take with their writing. You can preview the work of these exceptional writers inside our online magazine –


It’s an honor to work with writers like you. Maybe you are published and need a fire lit under you for your second or third book. Maybe you are rediscovering writing poetry or writing your life stories. Maybe you are ready to come out of the closet and finally declare yourself a writer.


I am a catalyst to help you expand your creative capacity and deliver bold and life-changing stories into the world.


Won’t you join us?

Holding back the truth as a writer was more painful for me than concern for those I might hurt once I published.

— Laura Lentz

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