Writing is not a solitary act.

Write inside a community.

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Freeing the Turkeys, is the much anticipated collection of stories by Laura Lentz. Each sotry has a poetic, musical quality, speaking directly to the soul, awakening a sleeping part of ourselves as we go through life facing physical and emotional challenges, losing people we love and celebrating with those who are beside us now.  Fifty-one essays to inspire your life.

There will be a cultural shift when we understand that Native rights, Black Lives Matter, trans rights, all pertain

to each individual story, and consequently to the collective story. That equal regard for all races, cultures and

all beings is essential to quality of life. We are each a part of everyone’s story.

Always, the nature of the collective story is toward harmony, toward righting itself.

And that’s what all of this is about — the #MeToo movement, all of it — is the story trying to right itself.



                                                                                                                  -Joy Harjo

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Laura Lentz’s popular and intensive 12 week writing WORKshop is now available as 12 self-paced STORYlabs for you to experience first-hand how the Hero’s Quest will make YOUR STORY even more compelling and remarkable.


is the author of STORYquest, the Writer, the Hero, the Journey, and her essay book Freeing the Turkeys. She is the founder of Literati Academy, an international online writing community with writers from nine countries participating.  Laura is a freelance writer, teacher, and editor. She develops themed curriculum designed to offer advanced writers breakthroughs to reach a new level and beginning writers the safe space to be inspired, gain confidence and create awe inspiring stories and poetry.

Online writing workshops often include small intimate private online discussions with award winning guest authors, poets and educators.

Groups create together in small groups of eight to ten, and stay together for 6-week themed intensives. For writers seeking a monthly practice, the Second Saturday series offers the same.

Laura is available for speaking engagements and freelance writing. Her essays are available for reprint with permission request to Laurawriter@me.com. Please give two to three weeks response time.

Laura is on the faculty of the Kauai Writers Conference, where she teaches a master class.

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 Platforms like Substack, Medium, and Facebook have offered writers

a place to showcase writing –

a place that only belonged to major publishing and media firms,

but now is available mostly free to every poet and writer

with a passion for putting their work into the world. 

But technology can only offer a writer a place for their voice,

not their practice.

Writing is an art and a craft that that thrives inside community,

where hearts and souls gather

and become inspired by the great writers

who came before us and stand beside us.

Our community creates together in small groups

and we read our intimate stories to each other,

offering the gift of deep listening.

Sometimes we write the same story over and over

until the gold shimmers inside the words.

   We practice the craft of writing

through safety, through love, through heart expansion.

-Laura Lentz