The Course of Your Life: igniting personal story through philosophy – Thursday


A writing workshop to inspire us to go deeper into the mysteries of our own personal stories. See below for full course description:


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A 6-week Philosophy-inspired Writing Workshop beginning Thursday, July 19th

Philosopher Margaret Nussbaum believes that certain moral truths are best expressed in the form of a story – “We become merciful when we behave as the concerned reader of a novel, understanding each person’s life as a complex narrative of human effort in a world full of obstacles.”

And our examination of human obstacles are how great stories are created.

Sigmund Freud said that words have a magical power – Writing helps us step into our personal mysteries against the mysteries of the world around us, yet every mystery solved brings us to the threshold of a greater one. In a sense we are all philosophers on our life journeys, always exploring, forever on our personal evolution.

 A flashlight of thought for Personal Story

The next six-week course will take us deeper into our personal stories, lighting the way by exploring questions posed by some of the world’s great philosophers. And the answers to these philosophical questions lie in the stories of our lives.

This course will assist writers in exploring their reach for eudaimonia, a Greek word that describes a complete and flourishing life.

Topics covered will include love, truth, suffering, change, leadership and dreams.

Themes will include deep questions such as

  • When did we give something big up for security?
  • What is the relationship between our mind and body?
  • What is family?
  • What gives life meaning?
  • Why do we create art?

Philosophers studied will include Sigmund Freud, Thomas Carlyle,Kwasi Wiredu, Alan Watts, Socrates, Jay Garfield, Nussbaum, Descartes, Laozi, and many others as we dive deeply into topics that open our way of looking at our own lives and the lives we want to live.

To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, the ability to trust uncertain things beyond your own control that can lead you to be shattered. It’s a form of human love to accept our complicated, messy humanity and not run away from it.”

 – philosopher Martha Nussbaum

Join a Community of Inspiring and Supportive Writers

Join a private Facebook group to receive feedback throughout the week with up to thirty writers taking this course. A excellent opportunity to engage with established writers and receive positive feedback on what you create in this class.

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Thursday, 4 p.m.  PST – starting July 19th 

 Makeup Classes missed can be made up in alternate classes, on the basis of availability

Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.   – Voltaire

About Laura

Laura Lentz specializes in helping writers access personal stories through deeply themed curriculum and heart opening writing prompts to create content for works in progress. She is an intuitive structural editor and creative coach. Her students become part of an intimate writing community that continues to connect and share work together daily. She will be teaching in the November 2018 Kauai Writing Conference. Other workshops include The Muse of Mythology, Story Quest, Mothers & Daughters, Sex on the Page, The Poetry Room and Story Marketing.