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Freeing the Turkeys, is the much anticipated collection of essays by Laura Lentz. Each essay has a poetic, musical quality, speaking directly to the soul, awakening a sleeping part of ourselves as we go through life facing physical and emotional challenges, losing people we love and celebrating with those who are beside us now.

Laura invites us to find the magic in our own lives by regaling us with surprising stories — dead lovers delivering important messages, a stranger who falls out of a tree and lands outside her bedroom window, and a dance with illness that inspires a trip to Broadway and a move to a tropical island.

Laura’s delightful, prose-like essays are filled with chaos, grief, love and ultimately wisdom. Each story is like a glow stick in the dark, asking us to wake up, turn off the news, stand outside under the stars, and embrace the mystery of who we are, and our place in the universe.

Each story invites us to connect with the ancestral intelligence of our body and face life’s inevitable challenges with grace and humor.

By sharing her life stories, Laura invites us into our own memories, and our own stories, helping us move toward a more hopeful future.

Author Nancy London has said of Freeing the Turkeys – a collection of scorchingly original essays brimming with longing, endless wisdom, sharp wit and emotional intelligence.

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book specs: 5.5″ x 8.5″  •  266 pages  • 51 essays in 5 parts

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“I want to keep your book of poems and stories next to my bed to give me courage, hope, and just a little sorrow. You remind me that life is magical.”  
— Rachael Hensley

“When I read what you’ve written, it makes me want to go out and live life the way you describe–all raw and windswept and honest and achingly alive.” 
— Meredith Babbidge Antonelli

“You’re not just a great writer … teacher, sage, wisdom woman.” 
— Jaqueline Quinn

“Your writing manages to transcend time and mortality barriers!”
— Gulcin Gilbert

“Your stories literally take my breath away!”
— Monica Brisson

“Your writing both knocks me out and Illuminates.”
— Beth Miller

“You are a mind bogglingly brilliant writer and besides that such a very good person.”
— Donna Sue Orbach

— Marsha Battle Philpot

“Mahalo for writing these wispy, circular stories of complex emotion. Life surely isn’t linear, is it? It moves in loops and swirls.”
— Elaine Gallant

“Your stories leave my heart gaping and hungry for more .. and shines a light on those bloody wounds we so carefully tuck away.” 
— Edward Lohmann

“Heart and soul, you have enabled me to transcend the years, back to days of wonderful visuals, which I carry with me, and love to tap into more and more, as aging becomes a beautiful mystery and can be entirely liberating, freeing one from the burdens carried through life.”
— Marsha Battle Philpot

Beautiful. Heartfelt. Resonating.
— Daphni Astley

“Oh god, Laura. Your recent stories are returning me to a part of myself I’ve long marginalized. Your writing is fierce brilliant love. I hope you’re pulling them all into a collection I can buy for myself, my mother, my daughter and all of us broken hearted closeted mystics and ghost talkers. So much gratitude.” 
— Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

“It’s almost as if you are a magnet to much that is both beautiful and painful in our world. As if it is your gift and yet also your burden to capture these moments of living and dying, to articulate what makes us human in the creation and carnage of it all.”
— Pamela New

“I’m drinking your words in
They gently open thirsty cells in my body
So lush and full of meaning for me.
Thank you Laura.”
— Taylor Rome


Laura Lentz is the author of STORYquest, the Writer, the Hero, the Journey and Freeing the Turkeys. She is the founder of, an international online writing community. Laura is a
freelance writer, teacher, public speaker and editor. She develops themed curriculum designed to inspire writers to create awe-inspiring stories and poetry.

Laura lives on the Hawaiian island of Kaua‘i, near her daughter, her grandchildren, and their father.

Laura’s writing community invites writers from all over the world to create stories and poems in six-week themed workshops through Zoom. 

Updated information on workshops can be found at, or email Laura at


freeing the turkeys

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