Full Harvest Moon in Pisces – Writing Workshop 9/10 with Natalie and Laura – SOLD OUT


Date: September l0th, 11:00 A.M. PST / 2:00 PM EST / 8 A.M. HAWAII TIME


About this Event

Every beginning has us glancing in our rearview mirror watching what we left behind get smaller, because beginnings are also endings, those moments we balance grief and joy, side by side. 

The Full Harvest Moon on September 10th, 2022 comes in Pisces, bringing with it an ocean of emotions as we navigate this uncertain, transitional time.

In our one time online writing event, Laura Lentz, author of STORYquest and the upcoming essay book Freeing the Turkeys is teaming up with Astrologer Natalie Levin, who will help us navigate and understand this complex astrological event involving Neptune, creating a perfect astrological event to help us navigate our stories.

All positive change like this comes with a spiritual awareness, an awakening. Pisces is the last archetype of the Zodiac, symbolizing endings and beginnings of journeys, and also an awareness of the bigger picture and the part we play –  our connection to the collective, to community and the larger emotional body of everyone.

Full Moon in Pisces conjunct with Neptune: Calling us to write our stories

The conjunction of the Moon and Neptune is calling writers to put their pen to the page – it’s an extremely artistic, spiritual, and intuitive alignment, inviting us to write our stories by channeling our emotions and feelings into this artistic expression of our lives.

This is an invitation to write during this alignment, on this day, when empathy and compassion are enhanced by the Harvest moon and the planets could the the pathway to a new beginning as an artist and writer.



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