WOMB STORIES: EVERY STORY MATTERS – an online writing event


Time:  10:30 a.m. PST to 12:30 a.m.PST. / 1:30 p.m. EST to 3:30 p.m. EST


The recent ruling of the Supreme Court has made story more necessary than ever. You can only fit so many words on a sign, you can’t reach someone’s heart by screaming, but you can if you are telling the story of your womb.  Bold, brazen women will recount the sometimes hard decision regarding abortions, birth stories, single parenthood and the challenges that come up from the womb in a society that seems to have extreme views on a very complex emotional issue.

This is a SAFE, nurturing environment to tell your truth and the share the emotional and physical impact of your experience.

After we read inspiration, we will break into small breakout groups with trained facilitators to hold space for all stories to be read aloud (by choice only) in a live, intimate setting.

This class is not only an invitation to write your abortion story, or birth story, but also the grief, love and self forgiveness that comes from choice

All women are welcome, men are welcome, grandparents are welcome, our LGBTQIA community is welcome.  All viewpoints are welcome.

Format: Laura and guest authors read Womb stories and we are given prompts to connect with our own womb stories. We write for thirteen minutes, then we break into small groups of ten with trained facilitators to read our stories back to each other.

Later: This class material may culminate an online spoken word event following the class for anyone who is ready for their voice to go public, more to come

Guest authors and speakers: To be announced

It’s almost impossible to understand anyone’s viewpoint on the issue of our wombs and all they carry without a story. Not just the choices we make around conception and birth or abortion,  but all the history of the women who came before us – those stories that came with us into the world.

We carry those stories in our bodies, too.

As women we often make difficult choices – keeping our child, putting a child up for adoption, abortion, marriage, relocating, divorce.  Whatever our choices, we carry them in our wombs, our lungs and our thighs. Those choices live in our bodies and often inform the rest of our lives.

This workshop is for all women and men. It’s a place for story, because story is how we understand each other. Story opens our hearts  to a new way of looking at a very important issue.

Story is protest, story is healing and story is transformational.

When this class is over, those who are willing to make their stories public have the option of appearing in a live event on Facebook – and those stories will ALL be read, as long as it takes.

Because we won’t be silenced.  Our wombs want to speak.

See in in my Zoom Room soon. Please pass this onto your friends.

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