More than Déjà Vu: an online writing workshop (exploring our Many Lives)


When: Saturday, February 26th

Time:  10:30 a.m. PST / 1:30 p.m. EST – Class is 2 hours

Years ago I read Brian Weiss’ book – Many Lives, Many Masters with my mother. She lived in Florida, me in Philadelphia then.  We ordered books together and read them at the same time. We knew when we read the book about past lives that we had known each other before, and would know each other again. See you next time, we always said, instead of goodbye. Over the years when I’ve been struggling with a friend or lover, I often go to sleep and I see them in a past life with me – often other countries. I often see our problem originated in another longitude and latitude, and another time period, and we were still playing it out, learning from each other.

When I began teaching writing over 13 years ago on the north shore of Kauai, everyone who walked through my door seemed so familiar. One day I said to a new writer in the group, I dreamt about you yesterday, we were boys in Scotland in a choir.  She looked at me, stunned. The next week she brought me a book she had next to her bed about a boy’s choir in Scotland.  She was compelled to purchase the book weeks before my dream, weeks before she walked into my home to write.

We have have stories of familiar places, familiar people, connections that are so deep they cannot be explained through what we know.

In this two hour online writing event, writers will hear literary inspiration, poetry, leading them to write their own stories. Then we will share our writing out loud in smaller groups.

Great stories are birthed out of what we remember, both the past and the future. Join us to write those stories, and bring them into the present.


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