It’s Complicated: Writing Love



An online writing event after Valentine’s Day

February 15th, Saturday morning 10:00 a.m. Pacific time

1 p.m. Eastern time / 8 a.m. Hawaii time


Love is complicated and awe-soaked and wounding and healing. It involves our hearts, our hands, our pelvis and our lungs. Our parents, our children, our friends and our lovers; grandchildren, dogs and earth.  The living and the dead receive our love and sometimes we receive it back. And yet, sometimes we need a push to write about the complicated, the awe and the evolution of love.

In this class writers will capture the essence of love without shying away from its complications and the part of love that made us grow into the people we are and the people we are becoming. During this event, writers will


  • Listen to Inspiration from a class developed by Laura Lentz.  Writers and poets (Marge Piercy, Kamand Kajouri, ee cummings) and love junkies from literature will be part of the inspiration to inspire us to write our own stories.


  • Write and break out into smaller groups – Writers will break into small, intimate groups to read to each other with experiences writing facilitators.


  • Post stories on a public Facebook wall…Love, it’s Complicated...the postings will be only from the students taking the class.


If you’ve embraced loved, released love, been inspired by love or love has been the fuel that has propelled you to write your stories, this class will offer you a guide to creating those stories  using new language and a new creative lens.

Love IS a quest, and we are all on it together.


See you in my Zoom Room post dinner, post wine, post greeting cards and flowers and expectations.






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About Laura

Laura Lentz is the author of the soon to be released STORYquest, The writer, the Hero, the Journey – a workbook for writers and a way to explore the Hero’s Journey through a writing practice. Laura helps writers access personal stories through deeply themed curriculum and heart opening writing prompts to create content for practice and works in progress. She is an intuitive structural editor and creative coach. She works online with students from all over the world and in intimate groups on Kauai. Her students become part of an intimate writing community that continues to connect and share work together daily. She is on the faculty of the November 2018, 2019 and the upcoming 2020 Kauai Writers Conference