STORYquest Workbook


Laura Lentz’s popular 12-week STORYquest workshop in now available in an interactive workbook format, inspiring writers to create their own stories through stages of The Hero’s Journey. Laura’s proven experiential writing program uses examples from best selling and Pulitzer Prize winning literature to illustrate how stages of the journey show up in poetry and memoir. Laura’s personal essays and poetry by award winning and inspiring poets show up to illustrate each stage of the Hero’s Journey, which Laura refers to as the Human Quest. This powerful format will connect writers to their own unique stories through sixty-eight writing exercises carefully designed to pull you deeper into the bone of the truth. Each story created through this workbook will begin to thread toward a larger, impactful story simply by exploring all the stages. In this time of political unrest, spiritual awakenings and renewed interest in our planet earth, all healing begins and expands with story. This writing workbook will be your compass.