freeing the turkeys hardback [pre-order]


Freeing the Turkeys, is the much anticipated collection of essays by Laura Lentz. Each essay has a poetic, musical quality, speaking directly to the soul, awakening a sleeping part of ourselves as we go through life facing physical and emotional challenges, losing people we love and celebrating with those who are beside us now.

Laura invites us to find the magic in our own lives by regaling us with surprising stories – dead lovers delivering important messages, a stranger who falls out of a tree and lands outside her bedroom window, and a dance with illness that inspires a trip to Broadway and a move to a tropical island.

Laura’s delightful, prose-like essays are filled with chaos, grief, love and ultimately wisdom. Each story is like a glow stick in the dark, asking us to wake up, turn off the news, stand outside under the stars, and embrace the mystery of who we are, and our place in the universe.

Each story invites us to connect with the ancestral intelligence of our body and face life’s inevitable challenges with grace and humor.

By sharing her life stories, Laura invites us into our own memories, and our own stories, helping us move toward a more hopeful future.

Author Nancy London has said of Freeing the Turkeys – a collection of scorchingly original essays brimming with longing, endless wisdom, sharp wit and emotional intelligence. 


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