Join an intimate, live writing group of people wanting to create their intimate stories of loved ones crossing over, and the magical years that follow when we receive signs that they are still in communion with us.

Taught by author Laura Lentz (STORYquest and the soon to be released I Remember Tomorrow) and medium and filmmaker Jane Morgan, this class will explore through poetry, essays and songs created by other authors, as their wish to connect with their loved ones becomes a realized prayer.


Signs, Symbols & Dreams

Lentz often talks about her mother coming in the middle of the night, a time of day they often shared in her childhood. Her mother comes to her smoking, often sitting on the edge of her bed. There are so many ways spirits speak to us, including songs, dreams, prayers and even ladybugs and dragonflies.



Saturday Class: The Story of Dying


So many have thought the moment a loved one dies will bring closure, a final beautiful moment with the person we loved. But so often, we are sitting by the person we love, and we leave for a moment, only to come back to find they have died while we were gone.  Other times, the dying person will say they see their deceased spouse in the room, or their mother. Either way, the moment a person leaves their body and the moments that follow for those left behind are profound.  They create compelling stories, and help us open to the many lessons.

We will read poetry and excerpts out of literature to inspire us to explore this moment in story.



Sunday Class: Hello Again, From the Other Side 


Lentz’ friend Sabrina Rogers talks about the photo shoot before her wedding, when hundreds of ladybugs clung to her white dress. The ladybug was her father’s symbol, and they came in a moment when she wished her father could be there. The ladybugs reassured her he would be attending, and she was loved. 

Morgan talks about all the small symbols she sees when she conducts a reading for someone wanting to connect with their loved ones – everything from pennies to elephants to song lyrics. Jane’s perspective will invite us to look for the signs and honor them when we bear witness. 

The dead talk to us through metaphor, symbolism, dreams and the weather. But to fully engage with the conversation,  we have to be open to exploring the reality that those we love are still with us, just in another way. 

Writers create their magical and mystical stories of the moments when they understood their loved one was communicating with them.  They may not call or send an email, but there are many ways they get their messages through!


The communication of the dead is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living.”

— T. S. Eliot


In this workshop, you will receive:


a talk by Jane Morgan about all the ways the dead talk to you – through symbols, thoughts and all the senses

two online LIVE classes – (Saturday and Sunday) – taught by Laura Lentz & Jane Morgan

inspiration from modern literature and poetry to lead you to your own unique voice and story

an opportunity to explore all the magic inside death and grief

a series of short writing warmups to explore all your senses through lists and metaphor

the opportunity to write and share your story in a small group lead by a trained facilitator

become part of a larger community of people transforming their grief and healing through story through a private Facebook group


“Deeply listening to each other’s stories is as healing as the act of reading your own.”

— Laura Lentz

“Writing from the body give you opportunity to honor each subtle and bold sensation of life; to respond to the world and ourselves. Therefore everything is material for writing and listening to our lives and the grammar of our own lived experience. We don’t have to go on an exotic trip to excavate the inspiration for researching our lives. It is right in front of us, with us, and before us. It’s all in the prepositions. Our task is to listen and honor everything and see the beauty in small things as well as big things. This beauty may be dissonant, yet it holds the infinite in the palm of our hands. So I invite you to hold it gently, caress the detours of your own life and let the shape come forth.”   – Celeste Snowber, Embodied Enquiry

Laura Lentz is the author of  STORYquest, the Writer, the Hero, the Journey. Laura is a writing coach and developmental editor, teaching 6-week creative writing workshops online and on the north shore of Kauai for ten years. Her workbook helps writers write to every stage of their story inspired by the Hero’s Journey through 12-weeks of writing prompts and examples out of best selling memoirs and poetry. Laura helps writers create content and expand their body of work through six week themed writing workshops – offering challenging and thought provoking writing prompts inspired by poetry, mythology and segments from literature. Laura serves on the faculty of The Kauai Writers Conference and is conducting a Master Class for writers who want to write in sacred places on Kauai and allow Kauai’s beauty to influence their work.

Jane Morgan has many careers; filmmaker, entrepreneur, writer, performer and psychic medium. Jane’s ability to hold space for people wishing to connect with their loved ones makes her a perfect teacher to assist writers in turning their magical experiences into story.  Jane’s own writing body of work explores her deep connections to those in the afterlife, and it is at once funny ad heart opening. She also brings that work to the stage in a mix of comedy and channeling for members of the audience under the moniker ‘Comedium’. Jane invites all of the human experience – the funny, the heartbreaking, the healing and the divine.



August 21st & 22nd

Saturday & Sunday Online

11:30 – 2:00 PST  |  $88