Are you prepared to write the truth, and nothing but the truth?

If you said yest to this question, the next 6-week writing course will be a deep exploration for you. If you are prepared to make yourself vulnerable, then you have an opportunity to write something that could not only change your life, but the lives of those you read your work.   In the next course – The Anatomy of You – you will have the opportunity to cover stages of your life story, from the beginning (there are many beginnings, aren’t there?) to the final message you might want to share with the world.

Why We Write About Ourselves

Author Sue Monk Kidd writes about herself because “One of my big fears is to be disconnected from my own story. It’s like being unmoored from my life. At the bottom of all memoir writing is the question – Who Am I? and I suppose I was trying to figure that out. I find that the deeper I go into myself, the more I’m freed from myself.”

I write my own essays and keep looking back on my life stories because I continue to distill the experience of growing up in a small town and expanding out of that town, while discovering all the meaning that I can integrate into my life today. I try to create stories that will grow into tomorrow, and assist students to create stories that will grow into tomorrow. My stories don’t just belong to me, and your’s won’t just belong to you. They belong to everyone who has ever touched your life, to every author you have read, every musical not you have hummed. What haunts me most as a writer and teacher of writers is the unexamined experience. Both mine, and yours.

Writing is mystical, but we have to show up

Writing memoir and poetry based on our life stories has the ability to unpeel layers and change the writer and the reader. Writing true stories is really about bringing wholeness to each experience.  Perhaps we are trying to make sense of loss, the life cycle and our own place in the world.  Perhaps we are trying to heal something inside – the part of us who feels orphaned or disconnected.

Writing has such a mystical element to it, but it’s also about showing up. Writing in our community is part of showing up for your own writing and the magic of the other writers in your group who will influence your craft and feed yur stories by revealing the truth in their stories.


“At best, writing draws from the inner life,

from a place deep within where we are sourced.

This place is filled with so much genius – an ordinary genius

that’s common to us all.

It’s a room where our dreams and imagination live.

It’s where our wisdom lies, where memories are metabolized,

images are born,

and creative connections are made.

I see it as an inner reservoir.”

-Sue Monk Kidd

Spontaneous Creativity mixed with Craft

In this next 6-week workshop, students will receive work from memoirists and poets around each theme in the course – and writers will also learn to play with craft each week.  We create lists and go deep into each topic before we write for thirteen minutes, so writers are primed for the experience of writing. After we write, we read back to each other and offer deep listening for each story.  Writers will create their life stories using a fresh, new perspective, pulling inspiration from poetry, philosophy and contemporary writers who are changing the literary landscape.  Each week we will also explore an element of craft inside the exercises.


The only way I know how to write

is to plumb the depths of my own heart,

mind, body and spirit. So I had to make myself

ready for a life in which I share the most private parts

of myself with the public.

I didn’t learn how to do that all at once.

It’s a muscle you work and build over time.

Cheryl Strayed

Literature used for this course include the following books:

Topics explored in the next six-week course include*:


Beginnings of stories don’t necessarily begin with a birth story – maybe your story begins with a wedding, a divorce, a death or a diagnosis. In the opening class we will explore beginnings through othe memoirs and all the time in your life that felt like a new beginning.  I remember telling a famous screenwriter the end of my story, and he grabbed my shoulders and said – that’s your beginning!


In this class we will find our personal flaws and details of the self through a series of exercises that will help the reader see vulnerability and bring your character to life as a relatable character – one is prepared to tell us a compelling story and show us what was learned along the journey.


Separation stories change our lives – whether it’s a breakup, a blowup, a friendship gone sideways or a death – they are a critical part of every story we write. In this class we will explore the extremes that often come from breaking up or simply breaking, showing the emotions inside story that shapes who we become post trauma. This is the place where the roots of our wisdom grow.


Our wisdom illuminates the path for others and becomes a contribution to the world. But how to we write our wisdom stories without preaching, but instead showing our human vulnerability and frailty inside the life lesson? Every book imparts wisdom, and this week we will look at the aha moments that show up in memoirs, and how to mine our own wisdom.


We all know tragedy often has an element of comedy. When my brother’s wife died days after their second child was born, the children next door drew crayon drawings and slpped them under his front door:  So sorry Terri died, but glad the baby lived!  And…Sorry Terri died, but Happy Fourth of July!” I remember bent over holding the drawings and laughing with him, then crying again.  No all funny stories are laugh out loud funny –  some is a chuckle, some have irony and other funny stories are just ridiculous, where the reader may wonder out loud if the scene or the story could even be true. We will explore funny memoirs scene by scene, then play with writing our own.


The end of a story of an essay or a poem aren’t really endings at all, but another beginning, and not all endings have closure. In this class we will explore how to come around full circle, or leave a story or essay opened ended.  Perhaps we end with an unanswerable question. We will explore endings of memoirs and also explore how we imagine ending our own stories, essays and poems then practice. Some endings need more clarity, which are often reserved for epilogues.

*Topics subject to change as the class evolves

Writing through inspiration

while exploring craft  

The way we experience story is evolving with the language needed for the world we live inside. By participating in this live 6-week class series, you will have the opportunity to explore your story through the lens of love. 


Meaning comes through participation. First, you must participate fully in life – deeply and as fully as possible. You must risk to participate fully. If you want to know what good writing is, join a group of good writers, don’t just read a book, come into community and watch writers improve and birth stories. By writing beside them, you will learn to write. Don’t just go see a book reading, write your own stories, and do your own reading. To learn writing, be a writer. Joining this writing community is like joining a family of writers who support and nourish your creative process. Each week, writers take the live online (in in person on Kauai) class with the same 8-10 writers from all over the world,  writing together and sharing  stories in a 2 1/2 hour class.

Writers work closely together for six weeks, deeply bonding and supporting each other’s creative growth.

If anyone has to miss a week, they can audit the class with another live group on another day, or receive the class via Power Point.  Writers learn from the curriculum, but also from the positive  feedback received from other writers.  When we focus on what is good in writing, we develop an ear for inviting more of what is good.


This six-week course is especially compelling if you are working on a book, blog, poetry or a series of essays.  It’s a wonderful way to explore an event and learn how step by step to be in a deeper discovery for yourself and the readers.

Every writer in this group is respected and honored, so that not just the story is honored, but the whole process of writing a story or poem is honored.

Many of our students have gone on to publication through this process of writing every week, and many of our writers are authors writing beside writers who are new to the practice. We all learn from each other’s work each week, and this course will help every writer go deeper to gain new perspectives for the sake of creating compelling work and upleveling the craft of storytelling and poetry.

Abraham Lincoln said “I am very grateful to you for reminding me of my father. My father was so beautiful, and such a creative artist – there was no other man who could make such beautiful shoes. I know perfectly well that whatever I do, I will never be such a great president as he was a great creator. I cannot surpass him.”


This six- week series has been developed to inspire writers to go deepear into their personal truths and philosophies, by looking at memoirs breaking literary rules and inspiring us to explore the canvas of our stories through inspiring techniques and writing prompts.

Writers receive literary inspiration, followed by writing warmups in the form of list making. Pre-writing exercises lead us into a longer thirteen minute write.

After we write, we share our stories and deeply listen with positive feedback.  Writers become part of a private Facebook writing community with other writers taking the same curriculum, where all writers have the opportunity to post their work and receive and offer feedback throughout the six week course.

Osho says, “When you listen attentively to somebody, you forget yourself. If you cannot forget yourself, you never listen. When you listen, you become just a passage, a passivity, a receptivity, a womb.” 

By learning deep listening in our classes, writing gets more bold, more daring, and just more. 


Educator: Laura Lentz, author

Laura Lentz is the author of  Freeing the Turkeys and STORYquest, the Writer, the Hero, the Journey. Laura teaches creative writing workshops online and on the north shore of Kauai for over a decade. Her workbook helps writers write to every stage of their story inspired by the Hero’s Journey through 12-weeks of writing prompts and examples out of best selling memoirs and poetry. Laura helps writers create content and expand their body of work through unique methods – offering challenging and thought provoking writing prompts inspired by list making, poetry, mythology and segments from literature.

Laura creates the curriculum for the 6-week writing workshops also taught by Guest Teachers.

Laura’s 6-week workshops are online and on the north shore of Kauai. Laura serves on the faculty of The Kauai Writers Conference, and is conducting a Master Class for writers who want to write in sacred places on Kauai and allow Kauai’s beauty to influence their work.

Educator: Robin Gadient, Poet

Meet Robin – Teaching Friday and Saturday

Robin Gadient just celebrated her third anniversary as a teacher with LIterati Academy. Robin is known for her intuitive feedback and love of story, her own essays and poetry. Robin has developed a following as both a writer and a teacher. Robin graduated from UCSB with a BA in literature. Robin has the uncanny ability to hold space for all writers and respond in a way that creates the needed energy to create her community within a larger community.

Laura creates the curriculum for the six week series taught by Robin.

Educator: Chris Armstrong 

Chris wants to know what you are reading, especially anything that expands our minds and hearts, which is almost everything! Her favorite genre is magical realism as those authors help us expand what we see all around us, and our own possibilities.  Chris reads good books twice — once for plot, and again for craft.  Chris’ avid listening skills and responding help writers create new content, gain confidence and share their stories out loud each week, growing the writing community at LITerati Academy.

Her vocations have always included words along with helping people step into their own power. After writing with Laura for almost three years, she sees now more than ever how stories connect us and lift us all up. She wants to hear the stories only you can tell!

Laura creates the curriculum for the 6-week writing workshop taught by Chris.



WEDNESDAY 4 PM (PDT) CLASS begins 10/18

Contact  if you would like to be on a wait list for a future class

Thursday Online 

with Laura Lentz


4pm PST / 7pm EST
Class is 2 1/2 hours –

 6-week session:

October 12, 19, 26

November 2, 9, 16


Sunday Online

w/ Laura Lentz


10:30 am PST / 1:30 pm EST

Class is 2 1/2 hours –

6-week session:

October 8, 15, 22, 29

November 5, 12


Monday Online –

w/ Laura Lentz 


4 p.m. PST / 7 p.m. EST

Class series is 2 1/2 hours –

6-week session:

October 9, 16, 23, 30

November 6, 13


Tuesday Online –

with Laura Lentz


4 p.m. PST / 7 p.m. EST

Class series is 2 1/2 hours –

6-week session:

October 10, 17, 14, 31

November 7, 14



Kauai & Online 


5:30 pm Hawaii /7:30 pm PST

Class series is 2 1/2 hours –

 6-week session:

October 11, 18, 25

November 1, 8, 15


Saturday Online

with Robin Gadient


10:30 a.m. PST / 1:30 p.m. EST

. Class is 2 1/2 hours

6-week session:

October 14, 21, 28

November 4, 11, 18


Friday Online 

with Robin Gadient


11:00 am  PST / 2 p.m. EST

Class is 2 1/2 hours –


6-week session:

October 13, 20, 27 

November 3, 10, 17


Wednesday Online 

with Chris Armstrong – 


4 pm  PST /  p.m. EST

Class is 2 1/2 hours –


6-week session:

October 18, 25, 

November 1, 8, 15, 27